Dino & Deanie's Therapeutic Massage, LLC


Dino & Deanie's Therapeutic Massage offers a wide range of massage therapy services. We tailor our massage sessions to meet each individual's unique needs. We promote wellness and specialize in helping people recover more smoothly from auto accidents, sports injuries and workplace injuries. We can help facilitate the reversal of injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture and improper lifting habits.

We specialize in:

*Pain Management
*Injury Treatment
*Stress Management
*Wellness Management
*Relaxation Management
*Sports Massage
*Chronic Pain Reduction

We are proud to achieve these successes for our clients through:

*Trigger Point Massage - This massage concentrates palpitations on areas in the skeletal muscles and muscle fibers that are small hyperirritable knots which are a common cause of pain.

*Myoskeletal Alignment Technique - Also known as MAT, focuses on achieving balance throughout the body through a combination of stretching and deep tissue massage.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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