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Heather - Haymarket, Va - "Listen up.  If you are looking for a THERAPEUTIC massage, THIS IS YOUR PLACE. If you are an athlete and/or experiencing muscle soreness, pain or any injury, THESE TWO are who you want to see.
There is science behind their massage therapy (myofascial release) and while it is not always a relaxing hour for me (after I kill myself in the gym and pay for it) I always feel a thousand percent better when I leave D&D.  I now go every 3 weeks as part of my "recovery"/injury prevention and I have noticed a marked difference.
Your first visit will not be relaxing and may not be at all enjoyable depending on how many "knots" they have to work out.    Remember, totally worth it. Successive visits will be more enjoyable.  Don't waste your money on a cupcake Swedish massage unless you're just looking for an hour of soft music and some down time. 
Their office is always clean, they run on time and you should plan ahead for appts.   If you like a female, ask for Deanie, male, ask for Dino."

Jill - Fairfax, Va - "Dino is the best! If you're an athlete you should see Dino to get your knots worked out so you perform better. I'm a cyclist and every time I see Dino I ride better the next day. A+!!!"

Ron - Manassas, Va - "Dino knows how to do a massage. I'm glad that these other guys wrote their reviews because it's totally worth the money to go to see him. He has been injured himself and know how to fix other people's problems.
He does deep tissue massage which can be somewhat painful but it's the only way to remove those trigger points that are built up over time.
Highly recommended! Thanks Dino."

Elizabeth - Centreville, VA -  "Dino has given me what no doctor has been able to! I was told to stop picking up my twins and to take pain medication. Dino has helped me feel better and I can play with my kids again!"

Odete - Arlington, Va - "I was having severe back pain and my doctor referred me to a physical therapist who could only see me in 3 weeks! Dino saw me almost immediately and relieved my pain."

Stewart - Centreville, Va -"Whether I am going in for pain relief or sheer relaxation, I know that I won't be dissappointed. Dino & Deanie always hit the right spots."

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